Personalized Estate and Planned Giving Tailored for You

In this month’s Waccamaw Wisdom, Karen Minogue discusses how long-term financial security for loved ones and supporting the causes we care about do not need to be mutually exclusive. Suggestions for future topics are always welcome at

Some call it Estate Planning, but it’s really Life Planning.

Good financial planning can maximize and accelerate income, ensure your personal long-term financial security and that of your loved ones, and provide both near term and future benefit for the causes you care about.

Many people feel like they must choose between two alternatives: making a sizable charitable gift today or waiting until later in life when they know they will not need that particular asset or money during their lifetime. With the first option they get to receive upfront tax benefits and see their gift at work. With the second, they maintain flexibility in the event of unanticipated needs.

Why not both? Why should any of us settle on the idea that our charitable giving should be one size or flavor? Each of us is unique. We all lead different lives and experience different situations. Just like your coffee order is unique, giving to the causes you care about can be as special and unique as you.

Much like finding your perfect coffee blend, there is a way to blend your personal financial goals and philanthropy that is right for you. We call this Blended Giving. With Blended Giving, you can see your donations at work and receive both current and future benefits.


Blended Gifts – the perfect duo.

Make a gift today. Leave a legacy tomorrow.

The idea is to make a starting gift with cash, securities or real estate. Then you find the planned gift method, perhaps a bequest or a charitable trust, that works best for your individual situation.

Many organizations such as Waccamaw Community Foundation recognize donors who have pledged generous gifts to WCF and our community through wills, trusts and other life-income channels. By becoming a member of the WCF Legacy Society, you demonstrate your commitment to your community and the needs of others.

WCF Legacy Society members are current and former board members, and other members of our community who have connected in a meaningful way with WCF. They understand how giving has impacted their lives in a positive way. WCF is fortunate to have so many friends and supporters who believe in our mission to connect donor with causes they care about. The chance to help those in need whom you might never meet inspires so many wonderful people from varying backgrounds to partner with the foundation.

Your planned gift to Waccamaw Community Foundation will have meaning and impact for generations to come. Legacy giving doesn’t require a large income or vast estate. Legacy giving only requires a thoughtful intention to make a difference by identifying a charitable cause in your will or estate plan.

This blog does not provide legal advice and does not create an attorney-client relationship. If you need legal advice, please contact your attorney directly.

Give us a call if you would like to begin learning about the different ways you can create a custom gift. We make it easy to achieve your life planning and charitable goals. Reach Karen Minogue at 843-357-4483 or to find out more.