Make charitable giving part of your hurricane season prep to help us restore & protect SC’s coast

With hurricane season now upon us, we want to take a moment to thank all the generous donors who contributed to Waccmaw Community Foundation’s Disaster Relief Fund to help restore our surrounding communities after Hurricane Florence. Thanks to you, Waccamaw Community Foundation has awarded nearly $185,000 from this fund so far, which has helped repair about 150 homes in Horry and Georgetown counties.  

Over the past year, we’ve seen firsthand – as many of you have – just how quickly a disaster can disrupt someone’s life and how much time, money and painstaking effort goes into restoration. As we head into hurricane season, we encourage our donors to give again to our Disaster Relief Fund, which will not only continue to help with Florence relief, but will help us deploy resources quickly should another disaster head our way again this year. One thing we’ve learned for sure after working with disaster relief organizations this year is that every bit counts. 

We also realize we can’t always expect to rebuild the same way after every flooding disaster. In addition to recovering from the damages, we need to provide our communities and residents the resources to become more capable of withstanding floods and high winds. That means helping fund home elevations, or ensuring more vegetation is planted to help absorb excess water, to name just a few of many strategies we can employ.

We want to be part of those meaningful solutions, and we firmly believe we can be with your support. Here’s how to help: