Pip on Wheels

Via Waccamaw Animal Rescue Mission (WARM):

Handicapped? Nonsense – Life is Great

Pip was born with no front legs. His parents belonged to a private breeder and because of his affliction, he was scheduled to be euthanized. Hating to see the pup euthanized, a neighbor called WARM, and WARM took him in.

Says Julie Finlayson, the Director of WARM (Waccamaw Animal Rescue Mission), “Pip doesn’t know there is anything wrong with him. He runs and plays with the other small dogs at WARM and is just a happy, healthy little dog. Pip loves everyone he meets and everyone who meets Pip falls in love with him.”

Although Pip was clearly blissfully oblivious to his handicap, WARM wanted to make Pip even happier. Late last year, after a flood of generous donations, Pip was fitted with a special front wheel cart made just for him by Eddie’s Wheels.

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