Q&A: Casey Altman’s sister on how Casey’s love and light will live on through legacy fund with WCF

Casey Altman was a gift to this world. A native of Pawleys Island, she enjoyed the outdoors, traveling, and spending time with family and friends. She was an accomplished athlete and could boast that she was a three-time state tennis champion and a state softball champion during her days at Waccamaw High School. Casey also loved animals, especially horses. She was an animal whisperer of sorts – taking in animals of all types who needed a little extra love and care in order to thrive.

Casey was the daughter of Betsy Altman and the late Alan Altman, sister of Sarah Weston and Alex Altman, and wife of Mark Mau. She worked for Saint Frances Animal Center for several years before joining the family business, Pawleys Island Realty, as a property manager.

Sadly, Casey passed away in November 2018 at the young age of 25. Her family and friends created the Casey Altman Fund at Waccamaw Community Foundation to continue to support the causes most dear to Casey.

We connected with her sister, Sarah Weston, to chat about her spirited sister Casey and the legacy she left our community.

WCF: Casey was certainly a bright star in this world with many talents and a big heart. When you think about your sister’s personality and character, what makes you smile?

Sarah: Casey had an incredible laugh. When she laughed, you would laugh with her even if you didn’t know what you were laughing about. She had a free-spirited, fun attitude towards life which was contagious. With her love for life and courageous spirit, she tackled every challenge life presented her.

WCF: To continue to bring her light and happiness to the world, your family created the Casey Altman Fund within Waccamaw Community Foundation. What made your family choose this way to recognize Casey’s life?

Sarah: Casey poured so much of her life to these causes. It was her mission to help others, especially animals, and we wanted to find a way to continue her mission. It made us feel like we are still continuing to help her.

WCF: The Casey Altman Fund has granted more than $21,0000 to organizations that were important to Casey. She loved animals – especially horses – the outdoors, athletics, family and friends, and her beloved Pawleys Island. What about these grants do you think would make Casey most proud?

Sarah: I think that she would be thrilled with each grant, however, St. Frances was dear to her heart. She spent much of her time devoted to those animals, fostered countless kittens and even adopted an abused and abandoned dog.  I think she would be proud to have helped St. Frances through the major contribution and the donations on her behalf.

WCF: What do you hope will be the long-term legacy of this fund?

Sarah: It is our hope that the fund continues to impact these wonderful organizations while using her mission to inspire others and have her always be remembered.

If you’d like to learn more about setting up a legacy fund at Waccamaw Community Foundation, reach Angel Johnson-Brebner at ajohnson@coastalcommunityfoundation.org.