When to Apply for Grants at Waccamaw Community Foundation

A guide to changes to our grant cycles in 2017

Grants at Waccamaw Community Foundation come from many different funds. Though most are distributed through donor-directed or other pre-designated funds, we offer a few competitive grant programs open to applications from local nonprofits: Elsie Beavers Carver and E. Lois Carver Educational Fund; John S. and James L. Knight Foundation Donor-Advised Fund; and the Waccamaw Community Trust.

For the past few years, these programs have considered new grantees once per quarter, but starting this year, we are simplifying the process with fewer deadlines for the same grant opportunities.

We hope this change makes it easier for local organizations to apply for funds at Waccamaw Community Foundation. Our new annual grant application cycle is as follows:

  • January – Waccamaw Community Trust and Carver Educational Fund
  • June – Carver Educational Fund
  • Rolling – Knight Foundation Donor-Advised Fund

Applications to the Waccamaw Community Trust and Carver Educational Fund will stay the same, but our initial Knight Foundation Donor-Advised Fund application has been simplified to a one-page letter of intent.

To make the transition smoother for nonprofits who plan on applying to the Waccamaw Community Trust, in 2017, we will also accept applications for the Trust on the June 30th Carver Educational Fund deadline. Starting in 2018, nonprofits can plan on an annual deadline of January for the Waccamaw Community Trust.

Projects selected for Carver funding in January may apply again in June if their January project has completed and used all grant funding. This also applies to the Waccamaw Community Trust in 2017. For full details and criteria for each funding program, check out the Grant Opportunities page.

Through this change to our grant cycle, we hope to make applying for grants at Waccamaw Community Foundation more efficient for local nonprofits. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to reach out at (843) 357-4483.